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In late 2017 John Brandler rediscovered a folder of 144 sketches attributed to Frank Runacres. While not signed these were sold and purchased as Frank Runacres work and are typical of his hand although some appear to date from early in his creative life.

John is an art dealer and if anyone is interested he does have the original works, his contact information is John Brandler: 

On examination of the sketches one of them has Frank Runacres name on the back, apparently a copy order, and the details and style of most are typical of Frank Runacres. John is right, two are probably self portraits (although one he thought might be FR is not, as those who knew him will confirm, and one would appear to be of Lilly who became his wife.

So while I cannot say with certainty that these are all Frank Runacres sketches, I believe most, if not all, are. As one person said to me, does any artist let others draw in his or her sketch book?  So if most are clearly FR works then probably all are his work.

John Shawcross (current custodian of the Frank Runacres web pages.)

Email with John Brandler, who sent us these images

The email exchange with John Brandler went like this:

From John Brandler on December 30, 2017

Are you still collecting images re Frank Runacres pictures?

I recently unearthed a folder with 100 + sketches on paper, a few with wash or colour, mostly drawings.

Would you like details ?

John  Brandler

Brandler Galleries

1 Coptfold Road , BRENTWOOD

Essex CM14 4BN

01277 222269

To which I responded on the same day:

Yes I am interested, thank you, are these all from Frank Runacres?

How do you come to have them?

On December 31 John Brandler sent this message:

Thank you. I have photographed them and will send them through to you.

Sizes are on the files, I'm sure you will recognise some of them as details from paintings.I admit I rather like the circus ones & there are 2 that could be self portraits. Any views / comments appreciated


He then sent 27 emails on December 31, 2017 attaching photos of all the sketches he had.

On December 31 I sent this email:

I've just had a quick look so far. Some do look very familiar! Can you tell me any more on how you come to have these sketches and is there any info on when they were created? I think from early in his career.

I recognise many of these as his hand but some are rather different. Do you have any information to help those who may ask if these are FR works?

To which John Brandler replied (still during New Years Eve)

I purchased a whole folio of them all in one lot a few years ago and I was doing a (Little) tidying up when I stumbled over them.   

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