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The following description is from a 1974 exhibition of his works at the Campbell and Franks (fine arts) Limited, gallery at 37 New Cavendish Street, London W1.

Frank Runacres A.R.C.A was born on June 2nd, 1904 and died earlier this year. A well known painter in both oils and water colour, he was for many years visiting teacher at the Hornsey School of Art. He studied at the St. Martins School of Art, the Slade School of Fine Arts, and the Royal College of Art under Sir William Rothenstein, where he was contemporary with Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Edward Bawden, Charles Tunnicliffe, and Gerald Ososki. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, New English Art Club, and the Leicester Galleries.The pictures selected for this exhibition are Runacres late work. Here, assured technique, originality of composition and dazzling colour combine to create a warm and gay atmosphere, leaving an impression of youth, freedom, and happiness.

And the list of paintings in this exhibition are listed below.

1 Richmond Bridge

2 Summer Afternoon on the Thames

3 Riverside Café

4 Waiting for the Boat

5 The Girl on the Beach

6 Fish Quay at Plymouth

7 Afternoon on the Beach

8 Figures on the Bridge

9 The Parapet

10 Avoncliff

11 Thames-side Scene

12 Sailboat on the Beach

13 Pavement Scene

14 Riverboat and Birch Tree

15 Three Girls by the River

16 Mill on the River

17 Farm Buildings, South Devon1

18 Harbour Scene Devon

19 The Bend in the River –Richmond

20 The Mooring by the Bridge –Richmond

21 The Blue Towel, Brighton Beach

22 Girl with Handbag

23 Girl on Richmond Bridge

24 The Woods of the Downs

25 (There was no 25 in this list)

26 Street Scene, Brighton

27 Village Scene, Cornwall

28 Two Girls by the River

29 Siesta by the River

30 The Lovers and the Boathouse

Royal Academy Exhibitions

Frank Runacres exhibited at the Royal Academy prior to 1970 as listed below.

Home address;

47 Hollywood Road, South Kensington London SW 10


188 Low Tide Brixham

410 Idless

Home Address;

Grosvenor House, Westerham Kent


790 The Old Mill Westerham Kent

Home address;

5 Guilford Street, London WC1


597 November Morning

Home Address;

Froghall, Chalfont St. Giles; Buckinghamshire


582 Shurey’s Log

566 Days Wood

Home Address;

Studio, 3 Grove Road, Richmond Surrey


125 The Lighthouse

733 Pipers’ Green

861 Richmond Bridge

937 The Mooring


515 Grove Road in Spring

Home Address;

41 Richmond Hill Road,

Richmond, Surrey


672 Richmond Bridge

Home Address

48 Colet Gardens Barons Court, London W.14


680 Inland Harbour

Home Address;

68 North Road, Highgate Village London N.6


128 The Estuary

Home Address;

223 Petersham Road Richmond Surrey

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