Here follows the information I have on the Shawcross of Timperley, Cheshire. I am using that designation because the Rev. W. H. Shawcross in the Pedigrees book has the various branches of the family so designated. eg. the Shawcross of Flixton. In due course I hope to have this page added an update of the Pedigrees which will be available to interested persons.


What I am not sure about

Well the tough part for me is finding which James Shawcross left Flixton, Lancashire in about 1727 to move to Bloomsbury Lane, Timperley, Cheshire. In my current version of the family tree, I have assumed but am probably wrong that it is the James Shawcross listed in the Shallcross Pedigrees book by the Rev. W.H.Shawcross in 1908 on page cxxvii, born in 1786 and the son of John and Mary Shawcross (John born in 1735).  If that is correct then all is done back to 1588 and then the question is whether John Shawcross buried in 1588 at Flixton came from Taxall and is one of the Shallcross of Shallcross detailed on page xxvi of the Pedigrees book. I am hoping with the new information coming in from Elaine that I might get that sorted out.


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