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1904 - 1974

Frank Runacres, Uncle Frank, enjoyed giving his paintings as presents to family on weddings and other occasions.

As we have spread out across the world, the paintings have spread out too. A few years ago we thought it would be nice to pull them back together into a virtual gallery so everyone could enjoy them. Over the years we have added many more images that people have sent us or that we have seen online. We hope you enjoy the collection! 


Paintings and drawings sorted visually -- boats, bridges, farms, rivers, sketches ...


Paintings and drawings sorted by owner or source, with some stories about where the paintings came from

Kids' Paintings


If you have a Frank Runacres painting you would like to add to the gallery, or if you would like to contribute a higher definition image or send information on your painting, please contact and we will add your painting or upgrade the information or image quality. Thank you!

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